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Here you can find information on vocaldente for press releases and concert announcements. For more printed informational material, further queries, interview requests or a direct personal talk, call vocaldente on +49 (0)177 5353468, or fill out the contact form at the end of the website.

Concert and Gala programs

Concerts from vocaldente are something special, because vocaldente present popular music from the past 10 decades in a classical way, it's a cappella art. They care for an art which is nearly lost: a cappella without microphones, the vocal experience without technical implements, unplugged, straight and direct, pure and authentic.

The published programs as seen below give an example of what to expect from 'typical' vocaldente concerts. The exact content of a program however is hand-picked for the appropriate setting. Stage conditions, location, and the respective audience inspire the perfect course of events for an evening.

Press pictures

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Press comments

13. March 2022

Vocaldente: Subtle humour and whimsical moments

'Wolfsburger Allgemeine' (18 Dec 2021)
"Grandly successful was the alternation of contemplative, funny, but also whimsical moments on a Christmas Eve."
"The perfection of their singing was outstanding."
"The purity and balance of the voices was captivating."

13. October 2021

Singin’ in the Rain – and fantastically so

'Hessische Allgemeine' (15 Jul 2021)
"Five singers with excellent voices, a lot of rhythm in their blood and a charming, likeable manner that more than compensated the audience for the lousy weather and didn't miss an orchestra."
"Intelligent rhythm changes, an unmistakable beatbox sound and clever dance interludes drew the visitors to the performance, which had been sold out for weeks,..."
"It seemed light as a feather how the singers, who had already toured India and China before Corona, mixed the genres."

10. November 2019

Perfect, entertaining, diverse and sustainable

'Lauffener Bote' (30 Oct 2019)
"The listeners in the Stadthalle in Lauffen enjoyed it with every sense."
"They present a vocal programme that is harmonious, balanced in sound, powerful in voice and extremely varied..."
"It doesn't take long until they have captivated their audience with their interesting interpretations of well-known catchy tunes."
"It is simply a pleasure to listen to the vocaldente-guys!"

24. October 2019

Voices in perfect harmony

'Weinheimer Woche' (24 Oct 2019)
"With their witty speeches and outstanding voices, they took the audience on a bizarre journey through music history from the very first moment."
"The imaginative arrangements of the pieces came on stage with playful ease."
"In addition to their perfectly coordinated singing, the artists captivated the audience with their intelligent rhythm changes..."
"The musicians' chic stage outfits as well as their cleverly choreographed dance interludes and pantomimic sprinkles gave the show an extra kick."

22. December 2018

Christmas gifts from around the world

'Landeszeitung Lueneburg' (10 Dec 2018)
"Their show "(V)erry Christmas" made up for an evening of funny stage performance and conversational announcements made by every member in turns."
"There was laughter, cackling and a lot of giggles in the arts center right from the beginning as they subtly involved the audience into their show."
"Their repertoire covered an almost staggering variety of genres from Reggae to pop and jazz and even Renaissance and Baroque."
"The audience repeatedly went crazy about the heavenly harmonies of these talented guys or the synchronicity of their almost legendary choreographies including a hilarious hip shake."

23. November 2018

Pop music al dente

'Weserkurier' (23 Nov 2018)
"Pop music in a whole new style."
"They masterfully demonstrated the high art of a capella singing with a perfect balance of sounds and crystal clear intonation."
"The song “Bei mir biste sheyn” (you´re always beautiful to me) was masterly turned into something completely new with funny moves of the Charleston dance, a big range of vocal colors and vivid dynamics."


Vocal / A Cappella Festivals, Companies and Agencies, selected Concert Agencies

Vocal / A Cappella Festivals

Music Festival "Sredi zvezd"
A Cappella at the Museum (Israel)
A Cappella East Coast Summit (USA)
A Cappella Festival Pfäffikon SZ (Schweiz)
a cappella Festival Rorschach (Schweiz)
A Cappella In Town Hong Kong (China)
Berliner a cappella festival
Darmstädter Nacht der Stimmen
Darmstädter Residenzfestspiele
Festival "Les voix de l'Aure" Bayeux (Frankreich)
Festival "de la voix" Chateauroux (Frankreich)
Festival Chorale Internationale - La Fabbrica Del Canto (Italien)
Five Nights on Campus at the Ohio State University (USA)
Harmony Sweepstakes (USA)
International A Cappella Festival Singapore
International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella (USA)
Internationales Musikfestival Seelze, MuSe
Jeju International Choir Festival (South Korea)
Musik auf Schloss Filseck
Kloster Banz - Songs an einem Sommerabend - Open air
Sleepless Night Festival Miami Beach (USA)
SingStrong A Cappella Festival (USA)
Taiwan International Contemporary A Cappella Festival
Tampereen Sävel (Finnland)
tonART Festival Ilmenau
VIVA VOCE International A Cappella Festival Treviso (Italien)
Voicemania Wien (Österreich)
vokal total Graz (Österreich)
Vokal Total München
Zürcher A Cappella Nacht (Schweiz)
[H] A Cappella Festival Hannover

Selected Concert Agencies

Brandenburger Theater
CASA - The Contemporary A Cappella Society Of America (USA)
CD Kaserne Celle
Centralstation Darmstadt
International Business School Budapest (Ungarn)
Hayes Performing Arts Center (USA)
J&A Music (Südkorea)
Kultur- und Sportamt Heilbronn
Kulturamt Vellmar
Kultursommer Nordhessen
Kultursommer Region Hannover
Musikhochschule Lübeck (Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival)
Messe- und Veranstaltungsgesellschaft Magdeburg GmbH
OFA - Office for the Arts at Harvard University (USA)
Schloss Castell
Sport- und Freizeitbetriebe Dortmund
STADEUM Kultur- und Tagungszentrum Stade
The Triad Theatre New York (USA)
Theater Wolfsburg