3. February 2018

New Year, (old) fair, new tour…

[icon type="icon-calendar"] 03 Feb 2018 | Bad Krozingen, Germany
Dear friends,

After a short break we´re back on the road since the middle of January: we had several concerts in different parts of Germany and we were represented at the Convention of Performing Arts in Freiburg. Check our Instagram and take a look at our booth and watch a short video featuring Tobek and the „Ringmasters“ singing barbershop together. You have no clue what this is about? Click here to see the video.

After twelve months with no trips to the US we´re finally headed back for the states. More precisely to Washington DC, Chicago, Atlanta and Mississippi. And apart from peanut butter and burgers we´re looking forward to singing concerts and giving workshops during this 10-day tour. We will keep you posted through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, of course.

Keep rollin', keep tourin' and keep singin'!

Your vocs

25. November 2017

The Philippine way of Christmas…

[icon type="icon-calendar"] 25 November 2017 | Treviso, Italy

As you may have realized supermarkets have begun selling gingerbread and chocolate Santa Clauses since September, radio stations play „Last Christmas“ every now and then and your neighbor has set up the brightly illuminated decorative sleigh on top of his garage roof which lights up especially at night. Christmas is coming, no matter where you are.

We were in the Philippines this spring and wondered how does Christmas sound like over there. We did find out and recorded this little video to promote our new Christmas program '(V)erry Christmas' which we will perform throughout the next weeks. It features this popular Philippine song and many more melodies from countries all over the world. Check our tourplan at vocaldente.com and find out when we are coming to your area to get you into some real Christmas mood.

 And now listen to „Ang Pasko Ay Sumapit“. Whatever that means … ;-)

See you soon and a happy pre-Christmas season Your vocs

11. October 2017

New videocast: vocaldente on tour in China!

[icon type="icon-calendar"] 11 October 2017 | China
Listen up! Check out our new subtitled videocast about our tour to China in May! During our two-week visit we went to cities like Shanghai, Zhouhai, Beijing and Baotou and captured some adventures, impressions and funny moments on video which we want to share with you. Why is Tobi so tired? Why does the guy in the restaurant juggle with dough? And what ́s the great wall of China all about? We can not give all the answers but this podcast will take you backstage and into the land of the dragon. Come with us and enjoy watching! Your vocs

4. October 2017

vocaldente, “Red Roses” and (Special Guest) Hera Lind

Neue Presse Hannover (04 Oct 2017)
"Precise intonation, well balanced clear harmonies - pure, without effects only supported by a set of microphones - elaborate arrangements and an excellent rhythmic feel performed with exhilarating verve and funny choreographies."