Tobias Pasternack

6. June 2015

“life is a highway” – finish…!

We are very glad to let you know that the works on our new album 'life is a highway' are now in the final round. We are still furbishing, polishing and fine-tuning the songs to eventually release the CD at the end of June. Sure enough it will be in perfect beauty, fueled up with the whole variety of sounds of the vocaldente-range. Of course, first of all we will ship the CD´s you pre-ordered through postcard or online.

We hope you are as excited as we are to insert the steaming fresh CD into your player and go full speed because it´s finally time for: 'life is a highway'!

Your 'vocaldene crew'

22. May 2015

What we won…

The song competition we participated in more and more turned out as a lottery. Although we encouraged all our fans worldwide to follow the contest and vote for us and keep us at the lead position, we couldn't came in first as the judges prefered another group. Congratulations from us!

However we won a production of one song while we are in the US the next time! We are looking forward to publish it for free and share it with you!

(Don´t forget to activate closed caption!)

16. April 2015

Auf die Plätze, fertig, LOS!

A cappella sports gets to the final round! With your support we reached the finals of the a cappella competition for original songs „find your voice“. All groups need to participate with their own songs. After „Have Fun“ we come up with „Ein Teil von uns“ (engl: „a part of us“). Our rap song has German lyrics (start the english subtitle in the settings of the media frame – left of the youtube sign). From April 15th through April 29th you may vote for us following the link!

We speed up to the max, let´s bite and win!!!


5. April 2015

1,2,3, THANK YOU!

1. We made it! We just got the message that our song "have fun" was chosen to go forward to the final round in the "find your voice" competition for original a cappella songs. Your vote and the decision of the judges made that happen! We say thank you! But with success comes huge responsibility! In the final round we compete against 4 other groups and songs. And every group needs to come up with another song. And then there will be another voting period starting April 15th. Stay tuned and get excited about what other song we bring on!

2. We shot new pictures of the group. Find and enjoy them on our website.

3. And you can preorder our new CD „life is a highway“ and save the shipping fee. It will be sent shortly after it has been published in May. Just follow the link or visit our Media shop!

Happy Easter!