Tobias Pasternack

21. May 2022

We win the ‘Bonndorf Lions’!

[icon type="icon-calendar"] 14 Mai 2022 | Bonndorf in the Black Forest, Germany

Dear friends,

after a long time in which many dates were uncertain and many concerts had to be postponed or cancelled, we are very happy that we were able to win both prizes at the "Bonndorfer Löwe" ('Bonndorf Lion') competition last weekend. In this cabaret competition we competed together with colleagues from different disciplines: Singer-songwriter, comedy, illusion, world music… it was definitely a challenge for us!

There were two prizes to be won: the lion's head for the artists who could inspire the most and the lion's heart for those who could touch the most. Both prizes were awarded by a public vote and we could hardly believe it when we were able to hold both prizes in our hands after the award ceremony.

After the last two years, this was a great surprise for us and we are very happy that we can now start the summer season highly motivated.

We are especially looking forward to the concert on 30 July in Lübeck. On this evening we will share the stage with Vocoder, the EVA Vocaal Ensemble and the legendary King's Singers.

Until summer you can hear us in some more cities, just have a look at our Tourplan!

We are looking forward to seeing you soon

your vocs

13. March 2022

Vocaldente: Subtle humour and whimsical moments

'Wolfsburger Allgemeine' (18 Dec 2021)
"Grandly successful was the alternation of contemplative, funny, but also whimsical moments on a Christmas Eve."
"The perfection of their singing was outstanding."
"The purity and balance of the voices was captivating."

13. October 2021

Singin’ in the Rain – and fantastically so

'Hessische Allgemeine' (15 Jul 2021)
"Five singers with excellent voices, a lot of rhythm in their blood and a charming, likeable manner that more than compensated the audience for the lousy weather and didn't miss an orchestra."
"Intelligent rhythm changes, an unmistakable beatbox sound and clever dance interludes drew the visitors to the performance, which had been sold out for weeks,..."
"It seemed light as a feather how the singers, who had already toured India and China before Corona, mixed the genres."

10. November 2019

Perfect, entertaining, diverse and sustainable

'Lauffener Bote' (30 Oct 2019)
"The listeners in the Stadthalle in Lauffen enjoyed it with every sense."
"They present a vocal programme that is harmonious, balanced in sound, powerful in voice and extremely varied..."
"It doesn't take long until they have captivated their audience with their interesting interpretations of well-known catchy tunes."
"It is simply a pleasure to listen to the vocaldente-guys!"