Our fall tour in the US comes to an end…

27 schools in 14 days…
22. September 2016
From Minden to China
28. April 2017

We even got fan mail from the students!

Three and a half weeks, one Arts Conference, 27 schools in 10 days, almost 10.000 kids, several concerts and workshops: our fall-tour through Wisconsin, Arizona and Florida has now come to an end. And even if you multiply and sum up all the numbers mentioned above it would definitely be more than the sum of its parts given all the lasting impressions and great experiences we made during our stay here in the US.

For the best part of this tour we were artists in residence invited by the Dubuque Arts Council and we are more than happy that our 31st trip to the USA turned out be real special as you can also see in our pictures. Now we are on our way back home and after so many burgers, cookies, sunshine and peanut butter we are really looking forward to grain bread, sparkling mineral water and … fall!

Best regards

your voc-guys