"... precise arrangement, tight harmonies and light-hearted humor.
Their performance had the audience on their feet."

"... a wonderful fresh and exciting energy these guys have ...
... sounding good and looking good, what more could one want!"
(Stephen Connolly, The King's Singers)

"They are so fast and accurate in their pitch and timing...that even very swift and fluid dynamic changes moved like one voice on a volume knob."



After a week at the Baltic Sea and in Ludwigslust it´s finally our turn....

Hot stuff!

Just in time for upcoming Easter vocaldente have a super hot offer...

Welcome to vocaldente

Live in...

48683 Ahaus - Gala
48231 Warendorf - Schule Warendorf
10585 Berlin - Cafe Theater Schalotte
20:00 Uhr
68165 Mannheim - Gala

Pictures from the recent tours in the galery

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